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Dive into MUSÉEWALL - knowledge and aesthetics synthesis

It is an interactive educational game and interior design element at home, office or school that can turn any wall into a collection of masterpieces and the achievements of civilisation

  • What You Get

    Magnetic cards and wallpaper:

    • Full Experience: Purchase all of our interactive collections and magnetic wall.
    • Tailored Collections: Choose from art, science, architecture or specific eras based on your preferences.
    • Piece-by-Piece: Handpick single cards as per your liking.
  • Where to Put

    • Public Spaces: Ideal for offices, classrooms, museums, and galleries with engaging, interactive learning experiences.
    • Personal Spaces: Perfect for children's rooms, living rooms, and home offices with vibrant, knowledge-filled decor.
  • How to Use

    • Enlightening Facts: Learn about key trends and fascinating facts from history.
    • Interactive Fun: Play and learn with friends and guests through our unique games.
    • Aesthetic Decor: Transform your space with our visually pleasing collection.
    How to play? 
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  • ★★★★★

    "On behalf of the Glimstedt team, we would like to thank the entire MUSEEWALL team for this wonderful art wall, which so brightens up and adds new colors to our law firm!"
    -Glimstedt Law Firm

  • ★★★★★

    "Fantastic wall. If you have a little creativity from ArtWall it can become your personalised Family wall. Thanks Muséewall for making our House more beautiful and joyful"


  • ★★★★★

    "Amazing quality and aesthetics. Museewall has made our office more cosy and brightens the mood not only for our employees but also for our customers"

    -Fabula Rud Pedersen Group

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