About us


We are a bunch of history buffs, art lovers, and science aficionados. We always dreamed of a new way to compress the story of our civilization into an accessible and attractive way.


We started to experiment with the timeline of art history, found out that the best way is to stick pictures of paintings on the wall and suddenly discovered that this wall looked way more decorative than before. We used it to play quizzes, entertain friends, and argue about trends. And one day a thought struck us – can we do the same about the timeline of science and inventions? Architecture and design that defines who we are? Events and personalities that shaped our history? And so the Muséewall was born – the new way to learn, enjoy and play with knowledge and aesthetics.

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  • We're all about connecting the dots, showing how disciplines and discoveries influence and feed into one another, how each landmark in human civilization has shaped the world we know today.
  • Education should not be boring, rather it should be fun, interactive, and an aesthetically pleasing experience.
  • This belief led us to create a new category in the realm of learning tools, which we call 'Dynamic Canvases of Knowledge.' On these canvases, we merge the beauty of art with the intrigue of history and the wonders of science.

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The office is located in Lithuania; however, we sell our products all over Europe and USA - via our e-shop. While our administrative team works worldwide, our historians keep themselves busy in Lithuania, Germany and the Netherlands.


It's a new way to become erudite, play with knowledge and decorate your space.