Let's play with knowledge


Players: 2 and more. Go solo or team up - more brains, more fun!

Welcome to MuséeMaster, your personal ticket to a whirlwind trivia ride through human history. A game that challenges your wits, tests your knowledge, and rewards the brave!

Here's the plan:

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1. Round up your buddies or family around your MUSÉEWALL. Let the anticipation build!

2. The first team picks a card from the wall, transforming it into a trivia grenade: Era? Author? When? Where? Why's it such a big deal? The more complex the question, the higher the stakes!

3. The Thrill of Risk. Nailed the answer? Great! Now you have a choice. Go for a tougher question for bonus points or play it safe and pass the relay. Remember, no risk, no extra points!

4. Keep the game alive, pick different cards, and let the questions flow. It's a fun cycle of ask-answer-choose, keeping everyone on their toes!

5. Crown the MuséeMaster: after a lively round of history-hopping, it's time to count those precious points. The person or team with the most is the MuseeMaster!

Why Play?

Fun, friendly competition, and fantastic learning - MuseeMaster packs it all! It's not just about winning, it's about discovering, sharing, and creating memorable experiences. So, gear up and dive into the thrilling timeline takedown that is MuseeMaster!

Number Nexus: Master the Milestones!

Players: Roll solo

The game offers a spaced repetition approach to learning the significant milestones in history, art, and science. Number Nexus, your personal code to help you reach historical milestones, to mastering and recall facts easier and more enjoyable, using a simple numbering system.

The Steps to Supremacy:

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1. Code the Cards. Assign each magnetic card a unique number from 1 to 15 (or 20), using a water-based chalk marker. Random or ranked, the choice is yours! Ensure each era is represented by a distinct number.

2. Stick the numbered cards onto your MUSÉEWALL in their proper chronological places. Now, behold your coded canvas of civilization!

3. Time to study! Look at each numbered card, absorb the visuals, the details, the milestones, google it! Number Nexus is all about connecting the number, the card, and the history it represents.

4. Test Your Memory. After some time, challenge yourself: can you recall the milestones just from their numbers? It’s a fun memory test that helps you build up knowledge!

Why Play?

Number Nexus isn’t just a game, it's a unique approach to learning. It’s about creating mental connections, enhancing recall, and mastering the milestones of history, art, and science. With Number Nexus, the learning journey becomes an exciting solo expedition through time!

So, are you ready to code your way through civilization? Go on, embark on the Number Nexus challenge!

Epic Epoch Tales: Craft Your Story!

Players: up to four teams, 3-4 players per team recommended.

Gather around the MUSÉEWALL and get ready for a time-traveling adventure where your imagination is the only limit! With our history as the canvas and your creativity as the paintbrush, let's rewrite the eras in our unique, thrilling style.

Steps to Spin Your Tale:

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1. Form your teams. The more, the funnier - up to four teams can join the fun!

2. Embrace the Element of Surprise. Each player picks a random magnetic card from the MUSÉEWALL - eyes closed! You can stick to one collection or mix them up for an even wilder ride.

3. Against the ticking clock! Each team gets just 5 minutes to arrange their cards and create an inventive tale that threads these random milestones together. The narratives are as limitless as your imagination!

4. Narrate Your Novel. It's showtime! Teams take turns performing their historical epics. Let your creativity and performance shine!

5. Once the tales have been told, it's applause time! Each team rates the others' tales for fun. Remember, it's not just about winning, but the fun and friendship.

Why Play?

This game is a fantastic exercise for storytelling, creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills. You're mingling with the key landmarks of human civilization, learning and creating in a whole new light. It's a journey through history, an engaging fusion of knowledge and play. Are you ready to let the games begin and make history come alive? Let's go!

Timeline Puzzle: Piece Together the Past!

Players: solo or teams.

Ready for a thrilling race against time? In this game, you're about to dive headfirst into a chronological challenge, testing your knowledge of how humankind's greatest hits stack up in history.

Here's how:

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1. Start with a wild mix-up of magnetic cards spread out before you.

2. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to arrange these cards on your MUSÉEWALL in true time-traveler fashion - oldest to newest.

3. Got the full pack of 90 cards from ArtWall, ArchitectureWall or 120 from ScienceWall? Make sure you've got a 100 x 220 cm wall ready for action.

4. Pick a theme from your sorted MUSÉEWALL, mark these cards with a splash of color.

5. Watch your theme evolve over the timeline, see how eras and disciplines intertwine, sparking meaningful conversations.

Why Play:

This game isn't just about fun, it's a sneaky way to boost your pattern recognition skills, level up your critical thinking, and deepen your understanding of history's complex web. It's a hands-on way to explore the intriguing intersections of art, science, and architecture. Ready to scramble the timeline? Let's do this!