About product

How should I apply Muséewall?

Follow step-by-step guide in how-to to stick the magnetic wall to the home or any other indoor wall.

What kind of surface do I need for magnetic wall?

You need smooth, flat, dust-free and grease-free surface: walls, doors, refrigerators and other pieces of furniture.

You can assembly the wall indoors.

Using it on uneven, dusty, dirty, silicone or paint coated, or latex-coated surfaces may result in poor adhesion and reduced satisfaction.

Can I remove magnetic wall?

Yes. If you want to remove the magnetic wallpaper, just simply grab a corner and slowly remove it. With smooth, damage-free surface, removal works problem-free.

Can I write on magnetic wall?

Yes! We recommend using our water-based chalk markers - they look good and can be cleaned very easily.

For cleaning the marker - use dry or water-wet cloth.

What tools do I need for attaching magnetic wall?

Measure tape, dry cleaning cloth and maybe a friend (it is not a tool, but very helpful).

How can I fit all 15 cards from one era?

There are 2 ways you can try:

Horizontally or Vertically.

Fit all magnetic cards on the magnetic surface using maths or creativity. Try yourself, it is like a puzzle :)

How should I understand the cards?

Each back of the collection has its own colour. The colour represents an epoch.

Antiquity and Medieval is tanzanite,

Renaissance is burgundy,

Baroque is gold,

Enlightenment is pink,

Towards Modernity is dark green,

Triumph of Modernism is black.

Following these colours, the collection can be arranged from bottom to top or left to right.

The tabs in the packaging will also help you to organise collection by era.

Can I buy only few collections?

Yes, you can choose to buy one collection or the whole Muséewall product featuring 6 collections and magnetic wall.

Payments & Invoicing

How can I pay for your products?

You can use any of the following methods: MasterCard, Visa, Bank transfer, Google pay, and Apple pay.

Can I receive an invoice?

You will always receive an invoice automatically in your mailbox after placing your order. Do you have a VAT number? Be sure to fill it in so that it is included on the invoice.