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Antiquity & Medieval ArtWall magnetic cards (15 units)

Antiquity & Medieval ArtWall magnetic cards (15 units)

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Bring a touch of history and elegance to your home with our Antiquity and Medieval magnetic art collection. Featuring 15 carefully selected masterpieces from the ancient and medieval world, this set of magnetic cards can be displayed on our ferro foil or other magnetic surface to create a unique and personalized gallery in any room.

The product comes without magnetic wall.

The Antiquity and Medieval collection includes:

  1. Laocoön and His Sons - Agesander - Polydorus - and Athenodoros - ~180 BC
  2. Venus de Milo - Alexandros of Antioch - 125-150 BC
  3. Portrait of Terentius Neo - Unknown - 20-30 AD
  4. Alexander Mosaic From the House of Faun - Unknown -  ~100 BC
  5. Early Spring - Guo Xi - 1072 
  6. Jesus Christ Pantocrator - Unknown -  Late XII century
  7. Annunciation - Unknown - 1300-1325
  8. Kiss of Judas - Giotto - 1305
  9. Maesta - Duccio di Buonasegna - 1308-1311
  10. Tribute Money - Massacio - 1424-1428
  11. St.Peter Healing a Cripple and Raising of Tabitha - Masolino - 1425
  12. Deposition of Christ - Fra Angelico - 1432-1434
  13. Route of San Romano - Paolo Uccello - 1435-1460
  14. The Visions of St Eustace - Pisanello - 1438-1442
  15. St Jerome in Penance - Fra Filippo Lippi - 1439

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How long will I wait to receive MUSÉEWALL?

The order will be activated as soon as the payment is received. Products in stock will be shipped within 1 to 2 working days and are traceable. The tracking number will be emailed once the order is shipped. Tracing is possible trough this link - DPD.

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What do I do if no one is home when ordered?

If you are away at time of delivery, the carrier will leave a note in your mailbox with further instructions where to get your package.

Can I pick my order?

You can pick up your order at our address in Lithuania, Vilnius. Contact us to make an appointment, we will check our stock and we prepare your order. You can pick up your order between 10am and 4pm on weekdays.

Write an email or call us for the appointment.

Can Muséewall be returned?

If we have made a mistake in the preparation of your product(s), or if they arrived damaged, we will be sorry and refund your money. Of course, if you made a mistake when ordering or simply changed your mind, then, subject to current legislation, no refund will be given.

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Q: Do I need tools to apply Muséewall?
A: No tools are needed and your walls are safe! Muséewall is self adhesive and is extremely easy to apply, read more on how to apply here.

Q: What kind of surface do I need?A: You need smooth, flat, dust-free and grease-free surface: walls, doors, refrigerators and other pieces of furniture. Using it on uneven, dusty, dirty, silicone or paint coated, or latex-coated surfaces may result in poor adhesion and reduced satisfaction.

Q: Can I remove or reuse Muséewall?
A: Yes. If you want to remove the magnetic wallpaper, just simply grab a corner and slowly remove the magnet. With smooth, damage-free surface, removal works problem-free. Magnetic cards are easily removable from any magnetic surface.

Q: Can I write on the magnetic wall?
A: Yes! We recommend using our water based chalk markers - they look good and can be cleaned very easily. For cleaning the marker - use dry or water-wet cloth.

Specifications & Materials

Size unpacked : 12cm x 27cm

Magnets in the box: 15

Packaging size : 1.5 kg

Magnets manufacturing country : The Netherlands

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